• MobilE Medical Records Association

    A Patient-Centered Non-Profit Community Dedicated to Enabling the Decentralized Future of Healthcare

  • What We Do

    MMRA Develops Legal and Technological Foundations for Secure, Patient-Centered Healthcare Ecosystems

    We Believe Patients Must Own Their Healthcare Data

    As the past decade has demonstrated, patients should not forced to entrust the management of their most sensitive data to opaque and unaccountable bureaucracies and institutions. MMRA is establishing the legal foundations and working with our private partners to build technologies capable of ensuring that patients retain control over their data.

    MMRA Represents and Protects Your Virtual Data Twin

    Of course, patients don't want data management to become a full time job. Therefore, once a patient or patient organization joins the Mobil Medical Records Association, we act as data-agent to all medical records providers–doctors, facilities, clinics, etc. In this way the patient retains ownership while we work to ensure the responsible handling of their data.

    We Value Transparency Within the Healthcare Space

    MMRA believes that trust begins with transparency. We're therefore working with our technology partners to prioritize the degree of transparency within those spaces we consider most opaque. For example, we're presently assisting in the design of the world's first Virtual Pharmacy Benefits Manager, designed to provide cost savings and improved quality of care through the replacement of opaque Pharmacy Benefits Managers whose incentives do not align with payers or patients.

    MMRA Facilitates Groundbreaking Research

    MMRA's use of Decentralized Ledger Technologies allows for the consensual use of anonymized patient data for the purposes of novel medical research. Revenues gained from access to these data sets will be give to our patient base, with MMRA and our technology partners taking a small percentage in support of growing our operations.

    MMRA Takes a Global Approach

    MMRA and its partner network extends across multiple countries encompassing both Eastern and Western cultures. We understand that healthcare is a fundamentally Human endeavor that transcends the oft-limited domain of politics. Therefore we strive to bring leadership and powerful technologies to private and public actors across the globe, in service of providing an increased quality of care and participation to those in need of healthcare.

  • The MMRA Team

    Ray Cordova


    Raymond Cordova is currently serving as Chairman of South County Labor-AFL-CIO. He is a special advisor US Authentic Trading Corporation.

    Cordova is respectfully addressed as the “Godfather” by U.S. Presidents, International Dignitaries, Elected Officials, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Cordova is considered by many to be one of the most influential labor leader in American politics over the last 50 years. Having officially debated Jimmy Hoffa over labor policy, hosted Robert F. Kennedy during his Presidential campaign, dinned with Jimmy Carter in the White House after his election, and advised countless leaders in politics and industries behind closed doors over the past 50 years. He has been instrumental in the careers of some of the most powerful and successful politicians and business leaders in modern US history. He served as Senior Deputy to legendary California State Senator Ralph C Dills, Director for Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, and Special Assistant to John Chiang the current Treasurer of California.

    Cordova has negotiated and implemented some of the most far reaching and complex contracts in US corporate history. Known for his absolute integrity, Cordova is the confidant and advisors to some of the most powerful people in the United States. He has previously served as an Officer of the Court/ US Department of Justice ( http://www.justice.gov) at the request of the US Government.

    A fearless civil rights champion, Cordova spent 18 months in the ‘60’s with the “Freedom Summer Movement.” Cordova is always interested in the rights and well-being of workers. He has served three times at the request of United States Congress as a voting member of the US Electoral College and Co-Chair of the Resolutions Committee.

    Thomas Fu


    Thomas is co-head of the US for Wistron ITS and a Director in the Office of the CEO. Thomas has an extensive background in business and information technology, having served as a Director of Acer from 1996 to 2001 where he was responsible for the Fujitsu, Siemens, Toshiba and Dell accounts and created the Sony VAIO brand. He was Managing Director of Mahindra British Telecom Northeast Asia from 2005 to 2013 and has been a senior executive with Wistron since 2013.


    Thomas is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, where he majored in Political Science, and has a DoDEA Masters of International Business Management. He served for 10 years in the United States Air Force with an honorable discharge and the rank of Captain. He also served as the Nevada State representative in Taiwan during the 2003-2006 parliamentary term and was certified by W. Edwards Deming as a Total Quality Management instructor in 1991.

    Ling-Fen Cheng


    As a Director in the CEO Office of Wistron ITS, Ling-Fen drives the company’s technology strategy and manages service delivery to the US market. Ling-Fen has been working at the group for over 23 years and held numerous key executive and engineering positions. She was responsible for IT strategic planning, project management services and web & app development practices across the IT, Telecommunication, Bank/Insurance, Government, and Medical & Healthcare sectors. Ling-Fen also led the localization team for the world's leading-edge company for multilingual translation, test and validation services.


    Her major contributions to the medical cloud sector include managing teams administering medical data for over 23 million patients, 3,000 hospitals and 400 health bureaus and clinics. She holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from University of Missouri, Columbia and several patents in the field of heuristic power management.

  • The MMRA Virtual Pharmacy Benefits Manager




    MMRA's Wistron Global Development and Tech Support Team

    USA base in Irvine, California