• Mobil Medical Records Association

    Giving Patients Control of Their Medical Records

  • What We Do

    Medical records are scattered. They belong with the patient.

    The current system isn't centered on patients

    Between 2,000 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) providers, they've created a complex mess for providers. There has yet to be a solution designed for the patient, but that also works for doctors and facilities.

    We centralize all patient records in the cloud

    Once a patient or patient organization joins the Mobil Medical Records Association (our non-profit arm), we represent them to all medical records providers–doctors, facilities, clinics, etc. We get their records, and the patient can see everything in one place.

    MMRT has cutting edge technology & design

    Lots of EMR systems are clunky, old fashioned, and lacking the excellent user experience people now expect with technology. Between our development team at Wistron ITS (in our humble opinion the world's biggest and most hardcore healthcare IT team) and our design team in the US we have the expertise to deliver an excellent, user friendly platform.

    We are free for patients and even give rewards

    Patients use our service totally free, unlike the few other providers aiming to organize patient records. But we also offer bonuses, credits, and other goodies to our users.

    Our easy upload and storage helps providers

    Since making medical records available to patients is a legal requirement, medical providers must find some solution. With us they have a convenient, modern system with competitive pricing, and the opportunity to attract new customers from our membership.

  • The MMRT Team

    Dr. Michael Edwards


    Dr. Edwards brings to bear medical, public health, and scientific expertise as the Founder of the Mobil Medical Records Association. A MD PhD graduate of Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine with additional training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Edwards also was awarded and completed the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), with an advanced doctorate in Human and Molecular Genetics with Stephen J. Elledge PhD, Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Edwards then completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at Baylor College of Medicine and MD Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston. He has been extensively trained in the latest and most advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery materials, having worked closely with Implant Reconstructive Surgery pioneer Dr. Edward O. Terino at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California.


    Dr. Edwards has published numerous peer reviewed scientific papers in high impact journals, having discovered and characterized human Cyclin K and human p57 KIP2, and co-authored a wide array of Molecular Genetics and Reconstructive Surgery reviews and chapters. Dr. Edwards worked voluntarily in South America performing free surgeries on deformed children and adults. In 2006, Dr. Edwards founded the charity, The Foundation for the Permanent Elimination of Nerve Pain and Disability (www.FNPD.org), which has raised public awareness on the need for clinical outcomes research and patient education on chronic pain treatment provided by physicians.

    Martin Kandrac


    Martin Kandrac serves as board member and senior adviser to MMRA. He is an investor in several technology companies and brings to MMRA a strong background in principal finance, with previous senior positions at Blackstone, FRHI Hotels and Resorts, Mount Kellett Capital Management, Goldman Sachs and Starwood Hotels. Marty is a graduate of Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Thomas Fu


    Thomas is co-head of the US for Wistron ITS and a Director in the Office of the CEO. Thomas has an extensive background in business and information technology, having served as a Director of Acer from 1996 to 2001 where he was responsible for the Fujitsu, Siemens, Toshiba and Dell accounts and created the Sony VAIO brand. He was Managing Director of Mahindra British Telecom Northeast Asia from 2005 to 2013 and has been a senior executive with Wistron since 2013.


    Thomas is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, where he majored in Political Science, and has a DoDEA Masters of International Business Management. He served for 10 years in the United States Air Force with an honorable discharge and the rank of Captain. He also served as the Nevada State representative in Taiwan during the 2003-2006 parliamentary term and was certified by W. Edwards Deming as a Total Quality Management instructor in 1991.

    Robert Chang


    Robert Chang is Vice President, Spokesperson and Co-Head of the US for Wistron ITS (or WITS), responsible for the business unit’s P&L, strategy and operations. With 30 years of multinational and multicultural experience in the IT industry, Robert has worked across Asia and the Americas. As a results-oriented leader, Robert has expertise in growing, sustaining and driving business transformations. Robert is a Co-Founder of WITS and has played numerous leadership roles within the company, including CIO (Chief Information Officer), Head of the Globalization Business Unit, Head of US and Europe business lines, General Manager of WITS Hangzhou (China), and General Manager of WITS Shanghai (China).


    A certified SAP consultant, Robert implemented SAP for WITS when he was CIO of the company. He also led the Taipei, Wuhan and Dalian teams to obtain their ISO 27001 certifications and led WITS Shanghai to obtain its ISO 9001 certification as general manager of WITS Shanghai. He is currently the Chairman of the WITS Intellectual Property Management & Supervisory Committee. Robert earned a Bachelor’s degree (Statistics) from the College of Management, National Cheng Kung University, and a Master of Science degree (Mathematics – Computer Option) from the University of Lowell (now University of Massachusetts - Lowell).

    Ling-Fen Cheng


    As a Director in the CEO Office of Wistron ITS, Ling-Fen drives the company’s technology strategy and manages service delivery to the US market. Ling-Fen has been working at the group for over 23 years and held numerous key executive and engineering positions. She was responsible for IT strategic planning, project management services and web & app development practices across the IT, Telecommunication, Bank/Insurance, Government, and Medical & Healthcare sectors. Ling-Fen also led the localization team for the world's leading-edge company for multilingual translation, test and validation services.


    Her major contributions to the medical cloud sector include managing teams administering medical data for over 23 million patients, 3,000 hospitals and 400 health bureaus and clinics. She holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from University of Missouri, Columbia and several patents in the field of heuristic power management.

    Peter Prosol


    Peter has a background in business consulting, engineering, technology management and startups. A serial entrepreneur, he is a Co-Founder and Senior Engineer at Quizzify.com. He is consulting MMRT on design and strategy. Peter has a BA in Economics and History from Yale.

    Krystle McGill


    Krystle McGill heads Media Relations for MMRA. She is an accomplished actress, radio journalist and front of camera personality with extensive experience in media. She is based in Los Angeles but is originally from Sydney, Australia and has an MA in Journalism from Sydney University and a qualification in Events Management.


  • Our Wistron Global Development Team

    USA base in Irvine, California